15 Ağu 2009

This September

Until the end of September 2009, I will be the careless, the open, the spontaneous one. Then in September, I will grow up.

I will find a sterile job at a bank (postponed a little bit due to academia), I will make my grandmother make me meet a good-looking medium-height neighbor man with a stable job, preferably 25% more paid than me. I will forget my first love .. and the second. I will forget love....actually.

I will learn how to boast with the dishes I tried to decorate with little mayonnaise drops and squeezy pinky little touches that turns my rice into white spring rains with peas...
I will learn how to keep my sofas whiter than ever...
I will learn how to keep the porcelain smile everytime I interact.
I will learn how not to care about life but at the same time seeming to care so much about everything.I will be serious, I will be cautious.
I will stop observing people, I will start observing what benefit I can get.

I will stop living WITH money, I will start living FOR money.

I will start to watch TV again. I will try to have children, I will try to keep saying to them "children" to differentiate us.
I will be afraid of nature, I will be afraid of diseases, I will be worried in case my husband gets a heart attack and leaves this sterile fucking life.
Yes I will grow up.
This September, all theaters across the World....

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