12 May 2010

Jack of Hearts - 1

Last night we went to the casino. It was brilliant, shining, warm.
Stunning and inviting, though. Confidently I took my place coz I had the masterplan. I'd play for the jack of the hearts...
There was food and chit-chat and alcohol and all the nice people, like a rented layer of the heaven for show-off by God.
Midgame I had the pain strike me, lefty but kept smiling as I always do. It covered almost all my flesh & blood and paralyzed my senses. Still I kept smiling and waited for the hand.
As it was getting emptier, I hardly found the doors on my knees, broke and broken. With the last breath I whispered my strategy to the dealer and she told me jack of the hearts was outta this game, actually... It was a long time ago.
Not caring about the spades or the diamonds, my feet brought me to my parents' place, maybe to find some comfort for my burning muscles. Family effect on battery acid in my veins is unknown but I still believed it'd be a comfort.
Arriving there, I saw everyone mourning. Asked the neighbor gal and found out that the house was in black because I had lost the Russian Roulette, actually...

When did I play the Russian Roulette? I don't remember. Probably just before leaving. But I'm glad to lose, again...

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