3 Haz 2010

Jack of Hearts - 2

As most readers would remember, this is not the first time I've been to the Casino. Tonight I dared to take a seat, again.

Late at night, as he loves being late, the Jack of the Hearts appeared at the door. As the mesmerizing wind of his arrival blew around the hall, all ladies turned to him and asked "Hey, remember me?". Of course he would, cause Jack of the Hearts is famous for remembering everything. But he didn't bother to answer. As his eyes wandered around, I knew he had come for me tonight. Flattering though, I was both the queen and the victim and everybody in the casino knew it.
Taking his seat, telling all at once about his day (oh yes, he loves talking so much), his side of the table was the most crowded as always. All his tricks were already set and ready. Recognizing that I was a bit different than his previous opponents, he felt a tension he was disturbed to disclose. To cut an unnecessary story short, he opened up the round with his trick he trusts the most: the edge... Yes he loves quick deaths so he can move onto the next victim while there is still some audience.

Well, I don't know poker but there is a point that he undermines: I've already been down that cliff before. And I hit really hard. So I am not afraid of falling.

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