29 Nis 2011

Jack of Hearts - 3

Well, the holy triplet is completed. Here you go with the fucking happy-bitter ending of the Casino after Casino1 and Casino2. 3 days was enough for me to gamble and it's for sure i lost, again. Knowing that there is no jack of the hearts better in this world and that i can connect that much... now a long rest in peace for me.


The casino had never looked darker before. The lights faded, the music replaced by the sound of the storm, the chatting crowd out of sight...
Feeling from gut that something (actually everything) was wrong, I stepped in. As opposed to usual, Jack of the Hearts had taken his place before everybody. I was surprized.. and flattered. Surprized because he never comes early. Let alone coming early, most of the time he doesn’t even show up even though he promised. Flattering as well, because it meant he took his game with me serious and arrived early to make some preparations. The excitement replaced the anxiety of the dark night. I rushed to get the chips before he recognized me. Under the spell of the sweet scent slowly filling the place, I knew I’d play biggest tonight. Maybe a dark bet.
I paid in advance, paid it all. I left my soul, my heart, my money, my past and future on the desk and got my chips. I was ready.
As I turned my back, walking towards my usual place with a bunch of chips in return to my life, I realized that SHE had already taken my chair. “The chips had never felt so heavy before” i thought seconds before they fell and shattered...

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