11 Nis 2012

Gece Gecikmeleri #2 - the Signs

So she rented the same studio on Kilburn Street.
She let a big breath out when the landlord left. 
She checked the microwave first because he liked microwaves. A lot. It was a cosmic invention.
Artificial food, natural beauty. That's what she thought boys liked, it was wrong...

It was ironic that she was getting naked in front of a window with a view of a Quran school in London. It could be the only one. The only window. And she liked unique things. She decided she liked that window. Especially when it's open. If you can stand the temperature of a room when the window is open, you sure can stand it when the window is closed so this is a sign of strength.

50% of naked people have sex and most of the other 50% take a shower. She entered the bathroom. She liked small bathrooms, even such a small girl could hardly fit in. So when he comes, he would hardly fit in, too and they would have something common to talk about. 

Thinking this potential future, she met the warm water. Heaven should be somewhere with water, preferably warm. She was happy, literally happy. But she didn't sing this time. Actually, singing in the shower is something she hated. But she would sing when he comes, because it is a sign of happiness. And boys like happy girls.

Yes she would sing, sing like no one is listening and it would be a poutpourri. A poutpourri of happy girl songs... 

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